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Prairie Fire Candles

Prairie Pure Castile Organic Olive Oil Fragrance and Dye Free Laundry Powder - Detergent - Net Wt: 1 lb 4 oz (567 g) - Fragrance Dye Free Sensitive Skin Soap

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This is an all natural Prairie Pure laundry soap made from our Pure Real Castile Organic Olive Oil Soap. Just like our bar soap, it is perfect for sensitive skin and ecofriendly. 

Our Prairie Pure laundry soap is:
- Perfect for sensitive skin
- Environmentally friendly and septic safe
- For High Efficiency (HE) and top loading washers
- Tough on dirt yet gentle on your clothes
- Perfect for a baby’s clothes, blankets, and cloth diapers
- Free of parabens, phthalates, phosphates, chlorine, and dyes
- Handmade from our Prairie Pure Castile Organic Soap in small batches

Ingredients: Prairie Pure Castile Organic Soap (Saponified Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Distilled Water, Sea Salt.) Sodium Borate, Sodium Carbonate.

Use: Adjust as necessary for washer type and soil load. 

1-2 Tablespoon per HE front loading machine
2-4 Tablespoons per traditional/top loading machine

This listing is for one resealable bag of our all natural Castile laundry soap filled with 1 lb 4 oz (567 g) by weight. 

As a small farm, we know dirt. We also are concerned about using the most natural products, with no negative ingredients for ourselves or our environment. We love this way this naturally cleans our clothes and we know you will too.