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Prairie Fire Candles

Olive Oil Candle Lamp - Handle Mason Jar - Emergency Backup - Power Outage

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Burn Clean, Breathe Clean! It doesn't burn cleaner than pure olive oil! This stylish and eco-friendly lamp really shines. It burns olive oil, a renewable, inexpensive, and safe fuel. Safe since it can't catch on fire if tipped over as the oil will douse the wick and the oil isn't combustible like petroleum.

Use a readily available natural cooking oil to produce sustainable and unlimited, clean powered light. Why olive oil? Unlike petroleum fuels, olive oil is renewable, safer while also  contributing to your eco-friendly, sustainability goals. Our olive oil lamps burn clean with no smoke or odors, are hypoallergenic, and easily storable. Perfect for emergencies, power outages, or just a relaxing evening. 

Until recent generations, olive oil has been used as a lighting oil for millennia. Perfect as a gift, to stock up an emergency preparedness kit or for your own clean burning evening lamp. 

  • Burns 12 hours per fill with olive oil on just a few ounces of olive oil
  • Infuse oil with herbs or essential oils
  • Handcrafted steel element
  • 1/8" round wick
  • 16 oz jar 5.25" H
  • Rustic Bronze lid maintains clean oil
  • Made in USA
  • AKA: Betty Lights, Bright Betty's