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Prairie Fire Candles

Tiki Time Real Castile Organic Olive Oil Soap for Sensitive Skin - Dye Free - 100% Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Instantly transport yourself to a misty rainforest full of blooming hibiscus surrounded by beautiful palms. Hibiscus, Palm, Agave.

     Prairie Pure Real Castile is an organic vegan 100% olive oil soap made with only 100% certified organic extra virgin olive oil, distilled water, and a touch of sea salt. It produces a mild, buttery lather that helps your skin to retain your natural oils, not strip them away.

    When traveling to France and Spain, we noticed how different the soap made our skin feel. Especially for my wife. Researching the difference, we found that both Marseille and Real Castile soap was made with only 100% organic extra virgin olive oil, with no chemical hardeners or many other chemical ingredients found in many soaps. Our Real Castile is gentle on your skin and naturally hypoallergenic.

    The name Castile is supposed to only represent 100% organic olive oil soap. Regrettably, many small and commercial soap companies use the name to misrepresent many ingredients they use and which may not be natural or vegan.

    Our soaps are all handmade using the time-consuming cold process traditional methods pure soap has been made for millennia. Why don’t other soap makers follow this process? Since we don’t use and chemical hardeners or processing agents, our Prairie Pure Castile has to be aged over 60 days before we even think about packaging it and continues to age. We can’t simply make it and package it quickly like most commercial soap is. Prairie Pure Castile requires patience, much like aging a fine wine, but we believe it is worth it to produce a truly all-natural product.     

    Prairie Pure Real Castile is:

    - Organic and Natural
    - 100% Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    - Moisturizing
    - Hypoallergenic
    - Lightly scented (Scented versions contain just a hint of our essential fragrance oils)
    - Always dye-free
    - Handmade using a centuries old small batch cold process method on site

    Love your skin!